Minifig Anatomy

I purchased the Minifig from Turbo Squid. It was ‘fully rigged’ which means that the bones are built in and the model is ‘skinned’ over the bones. If I move or rotate a bone the minifigure responds to the movement.


All of the players are based on the waiter model (third from right in the front row).

Starting Town Minifigs

Each player is made up of around 50 different pieces. I needed a way of identifing all of these pieces for every player. I did not know how the whole orchestra was goingto work together so I felt I needed to come up with a naming convention. The convention I came up with is:


4 char instrument tag, which set of notes to play, which player for those notes, the characters ‘mf’, an optional script tag, then the part of the model. Examples are:




The which set of notes to play is found from the Midi file (see files). The Midi file has a lot of harmonies in it. This number tells the script which note from highest to lowest to play. If the number is 1, then the top note is played, if 2 then the second highest is played.

Minifig Parts

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