16 bit Computer
16 bit Computer


Ben Eater has an amazing tutorial about building a very simple 8 bit computer. It only has 16 bytes of memory. I thought that I could build a 16 bit computer with 64K of addresses, have a combination of Flash, RAM, and Registers. This page will have the details.

Here is where the rubber meets the road. I'm starting to think I don't need the X register. It was the register that the Controller needed to handle 16 address or constants. So far in writting the micro-code for the instructions, I've not needed it. I don't think I will need it for the moves, sinc e I can move things from Ram to the register that it goes to in one step. I may make it register E.

Customer Requirements
High Level Requirements
Low Level Requirements

Instruction Set List
Instruction Set
Control Lines

Mechanical Overview

Electrical Overview
SCH1001-001-001-320 - Counting Registers
SCH1001-001-002-320 - Switching Register
SCH1001-001-003-320 - Controller
SCH1001-001-004-320 - Register
SCH1001-001-005-320 - Controller Flash
SCH1001-001-006-320 - Program Flash

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