The first thing anyone learns about me is that, I build robots. For my very first Web Search I was trying to find the M.I.T. 2.007 Robot Design Class. A Class where students at the beginning of the class got a kit of parts and they had to build a robot out of it to play a game. What I found was the M.I.T. 6.270, the Autonomous Lego Robot Contest. A January class at M.I.T. where teams get a kit of Lego and a custom Lego Controller. This changed my life forever.

I bought their kit, and then found the Seattle Robotics Society. I went to work for, and left Advanced Digital Information Corp. Then I became a mentor for high school robot teams in 2003.

The Alice May's Fire Extinguisher

The very first competition robot I build was for the Trinity College Fire Fighting Competition. I really knew nothing about building robots. I was a programmer, and had dabbled in computer logic, mostly 74hc logic chips.

I was very bad at analog things, as well as, microprocessors. I had taken a computer organization class in college, but I never really did hands on work with them. The board was based on a Motorola HC11. It was an amazing microcontroller for getting started. The M.I.T. board had four motor controller and several latches for expanding the I/O. The board was the basis for the Handy Board.

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